Discount Carpeting

We focus on discount carpeting for many of the top brands like: Shaw Carpet, Mohawk Carpet, World Carpet, and more.

Ceramic Retailers

Find the best deals in town. We work with discount ceramic retailers: Dal Tile, Emser Tile, and more.

San Antonio Wood Floor

Best deals on discounted San Antonio Wood Floor. Find brands like: Armstrong, Bruce, and more.

Wholesale Laminate

Work with wholesale laminate discount retailers: Shaw Laminate, Mohawk Laminate, and more.

Wholesale Flooring San Antonio

A discount carpet warehouse that Delivers Discount Flooring to your front door | Call us (210) 731-6225
Wholesale Flooring San Antonio

Wholesale Flooring San Antonio for Discount Carpeting, Ceramic Retailers, San Antonio Wood Floor, and Wholesale Laminate

Discount Carpeting

Affordable Online Floors Delivers Discount Carpeting’s Primary Carpet Suppliers. Shaw Industries (Philadelphia, Sutton, Tuftex, Queen, Cabin Craft, Vogue, Queen Commercial, Philadelphia Commercial, Home Foundations, Couture and Cumberland) Mohawk Industries (Mohawk, Aladdin, Horizon, Custom Weave, Wunda Weave, Color Center, Galaxy and World) Beaulieu Carpets Gulistan Carpets Cavalier Carpets Best Buy Carpets Milliken Carpets Joy Carpets Dixie Home Carpets Carpet is tufted from several types of fiber...Request A Quote

Discount Carpeting Available

Shaw Carpet | Mohawk Carpet | Aladdin Carpet | World Carpet | Philadelphia Carpet | Queen Carpet | Tuftex Carpet | Karastan Carpet | Horizon Carpet

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Ceramic Retailers

We work directly with Ceramic Retailers

Ceramic tile is truly a fashion item. The size, color, texture and durability of both, the body of the tile and the glazed surface are factors that differentiate one tile from another tile. Sizing, smaller tiles will do several things to your home they will out date a home more quickly as the trends are toward larger formats 18×18’s and 20×20’s and they will give a room a busier look. However, if you are utilizing a pattern, tiles as small as 6×6 are very acceptable. Color and fashion, as with all of your flooring purchases are everything. Flooring is a fashion item and can completely change the feel and comfort of a home...Request A Quote

Ceramic Retailers Listed Below

Dal Tile | Emser Tile | Interceramic Tile | Citromex | Shaw Tile | Mohawk Tile | Associated Tile | Stone Solutions Tile | American Tile

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San Antonio Wood Floor

San Antonio Wood Floor - Delivered to your door

Hardwood flooring is a very difficult item to compare from one item to the next. In engineered flooring some factors that affect the cost, performance and look of a floor consist of but may not be limited to are the species of wood used to make the core, the adhesive made to adhere the core ply’s, the species and thickness of the surface veneer, the process used to cut the surface veneer...Request A Quote

San Antonio Wood Floor Discounted Offers

Armstrong Hardwood | Bruce Hardwood | Shaw Hardwood | Mohawk Hardwood | Anderson Hardwood | Mannington Hardwood | Johnson Hardwood | Hartco Hardwood | Robbins Hardwood

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Wholesale Laminate

We offer Wholesale Laminate

Laminate flooring has come along way since Pergo made its push advertising laminate back in the late 80’s 90’s. When you shop for laminate the options that need to be visually noticed are 1) the thickness of the core 2) the texture of the surface 3) the quality of the décor or photo paper. Core thickness can add to the dimensional stability of the product, however...Request A Quote

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Quick Step Laminate | Shaw Laminate | Mohawk Laminate | Kronotex Laminate | Formica Laminate | Pergo Laminate | Mannington Laminate | Armstrong Laminate | Bruce Laminate

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Welcome to, San Antonio's premier flooring store. We have been selling flooring in San Antonio for over 35 Years and have become well known as the best place to get discounted flooring in the San Antonio area. We purchase truckloads directly from the factories eliminating 2 levels of distribution and keep more than 1,500,000 square feet of laminate, hardwood, tile and carpet in San Antonio. offers flooring for any need that you have and represents every major supplier in the flooring industry. imports hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and ceramic tile and purchase truckloads of Mohawk flooring, Shaw flooring and Mannington flooring. This enables us to sell anything to you at discounted pricing. Call or click above for a FREE QUOTE. Welcome to the Website, where you’ll save money on your flooring!

Welcome to and we would like to thank you for visiting our site. I look foward to serving you and your family and friends in the future. is committed to saving you money. At the we travel the world searching for factories that produce products for the largest American companies and than deliver that product directly to you at a fraction of the cost that our competitors sell to you for a comparable product. We currently import products from Asia, Turkey, India, Mexico, Europe and South America.

We are able to purchase products at such incredible pricing that we now own a Purchasing Network and supply products to some of the largest flooring dealers in the industry. If we can sell them product for less just imagine what we can SAVE YOU!!! is a San Antonio based flooring company committed to SAVING YOU MONEY!

How do we do it you might ask?

By eliminating the middlemen in the flooring industry. purchases directly from the same factories that produce products for many American name brand companies like Shaw, Mohawk, Mannington and Armstrong, however, we take it directly from them to you. We do not sell our products thru the normal distribution system that all of our competitors that these American companies sell their products thru.

By keeping 1.5 million SQ. FT. of local inventory. has your dream flooring in stock for your immediate satisfaction! By purchasing in multiple truckload quantities every week we purchase for less and YOU PURCHASE FOR LESS!!!

By guaranteeing you in writing that we will save you money!

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